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Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow, Military music video tribute

XxMajorpainxX — 22 August 2009 — just heard BB's new single, the army suddenly came to mind....and army of 2 lol, enjoy :) oh and the little sliver of the other song is also by breaking benjamin, called diary of jane

the song is i will not bow by breaking benjamin
the other one is from the diary of jane by breaking benjamin

it is not my is breaking benjamins song....


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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Soldiers Angels - May No Soldier go Unloved - Wingtip to Wingtip, Changing Lives One Box at a Time

Soldiers Angels - May No Soldier go Unloved - Wingtip to Wingtip, Changing Lives One Box at a Time

Donate in the spirit of loving creativity that so many people can show in the midst of negativity in this world.

"You don't have to live in the US to Support Soldiers Angels - Adopt a Soldier NOW!"

My involvement with Soldiers Angels is - well I can't tell how or when it began, all I knew is that there was an Earth Angel who had a vision of hope, light and love and wanted to share it with the whole of the USA - and then the world - to support the troops, male and female, who had been deployed to various parts of the world. The enthusiasm, dedication and determination of this organisation cannot help but become inspirational to anyone who has lived in an area or country affected by war and/or poverty or been involved in one way or another with active members of the military, regardless of where in the world it may have been. Soldiers Angels is not only based in the USA but is now an international organisation.

I joined Soldiers Angels and soon became a (PROUD PROUD PROUD <- Did mention extremely proud?) Verified Angel whereafter I could adopt our first hero/shero. Why do soldiers need adopting? There's a wide variety of reasons, which I'll touch on in this page. Why do they get adopted? Because it is the least that can be done by someone who is in a position to supply a small piece of home comfort, a letter, card, anything to say "THANK YOU, YOU ARE REMEMBERED, YOU MAKE US PROUD, WE HOPE THIS SMALL TOKEN OF OUR APPRECIATION WILL GO SOME WAY IN RELIEVING THE DISCOMFORT OF THE CONDITIONS UNDER WHICH YOU ARE PROTECTING AND SERVING, OFTEN UNDER HORRENDOUS CONDITIONS."

No, I am not a US Citizen, nor do I live in the USA. I am not a member of the Allied Forces, nor am I in the military, although I have trained with the South African Defence Force (Now SANDF) in South Africa during the height of the African Bush War. I have close friends and family, some of whom have served or are serving in one or the other, some of whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for freedom, to serve and protect. I remind myself often that the US Military is not just based in the USA, Afghanistan or Iraq, but in Africa and other continents throughout the world. This is the story of Soldiers Angels (I'll refer to it as "SA" within this following passage), and the Motto which is now embedded in my mind and the minds of thousands of Angels worldwide:

May No Soldier Go Unloved
May No Soldier Walk Alone
May No Soldier Be Forgotten
Until They All Come Home

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission of providing aide and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard and their families. SA was founded by Patti Patton-Bader, mother of two American Soldiers--one who returned home from a year's deployment to Iraq in 2004, and another who began a 15-month deployment to Iraq in late 2007. SA is an international organization with members in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and several friendly countries who support America's men and women in uniform, and were incorporated in the state of Nevada in June of 2003.

SA are a continually-evolving, grassroots organization comprised of more than 200,000 volunteers in over twenty different teams and projects who have developed unique and effective ways to support members of the U.S. military. To date, our volunteers have sent tens of thousands of care packages and hundreds of thousands of letters to deployed service members; have supplied the wounded with First Response Packs directly at the Combat Support Hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan and the major military hospital in Germany, as well as provided care and comfort to those in stateside military and VA facilities; SA have provided emergency aid to military families in need; have partnered with the Department of Defense to provide voice-controlled/adaptive laptops to over 2,600 severely-wounded servicemembers; have provided flights to soldiers on leave or in emergency situations, and to their families wanting to be with them up return from overseas; SA provided Level III KEVLAR armored blankets to give personnel extra protection in their vehicles when it was needed; SA help to honor the families whose loved ones have paid the ultimate price for freedom and safety. With the assistance of generous supporters , the many volunteers of Soldiers' Angels have accomplished this and much, much more on behalf of the grateful citizens of the United States of America.

SA's slogan, "May No Soldier Go Unloved," encapsulates the motivation behind Soldiers' Angels. By working together with a common vision of service, the volunteers of Soldiers' Angels continue to make a visible difference in the lives of veterans, the wounded, deployed service members, and their families.

Contact: SA Public Relations
General PR Materials
Overview (Basic Press Kit)
Media Coverage
Press Releases
Recent News

Activities and Organization
Teams and Programs (scroll down)
Leadership and Structure
Soldiers' Angels Museum

Make a Difference - Adopt a Hero!

Hundreds of heroes are waiting for us. Many of them are waiting a number of weeks for their Angel to come along with personal attention and support.

Soldiers' Angels - Adopt a Hero!

"Are YOU an Angel-in-Waiting?"

As the U.S. military "surges" in Afghanistan, the waiting list will continue to grow, filled with deployed Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines facing danger amid much more austere living conditions than we've seen from Iraq.

If you haven't adopted a soldier, will you adopt one today? If you have an adopted soldier right now, will you invite a friend into Soldiers' Angels or sponsor a one-time care package?

Encouragement and care from a perfect stranger connected with the soldier only by common citizenship means more than words can explain. Just one care package a month and one letter a week can make all the difference for a deployed hero who needs to know that America supports him. For a hero facing huge challenges far from home, just knowing that someone cares can make her day.

  • One-time Care Package Adoption -- a great option if you can't take on the responsibility of long-term support right now. You can have the fun of assembling a great care package whenever you have the opportunity, without having the expense and concern of a big commitment. To get a hero's address for a one-time care package, email

  • Sponsor a Care Package -- the ultimate in simplicity when it comes to showing your support for a deployed service member. You can have a pre-made care package sent in your name with a note of support to a soldier waiting to be adopted. Just visit the Angels Store, pick your favorite package, and tell us to send it to "Any Soldier." We'll make sure it gets to one of the heroes on the waiting list. Packages start at $20, a great bargain when you realize shipping ($10-$13) is included!

How ever you choose to show your support to America's deployed men and women, remember that showing them America has their backs is the best thing you can do for a soldier's mental health and morale. As one military wife recently wrote in a Thank You note, "May it be small or large, a gift from the heart warms the soul."

Please help warm the soul of a hero--every loving act truly makes a difference!

Every Soldiers' Angels volunteer who adopts, joins a team or assists a project helps ensure "No Soldier Go Unloved." Angel volunteers support the troops in two main ways:

Associate Angels participate in the group activities and projects that do not involve personal information about soldiers or families. The tireless work and generosity of these patriots is the foundation of many important Soldiers' Angels projects. Scroll down to see the activities/projects Angels can join.

Verified Angels* have had their identities confirmed, and may participate in the Soldiers' Angels Forum and join any Soldiers' Angels team or project, including instantly adopting a deployed hero! For the deeper level of involvement this requires and the sensitive information shared with these Angels, Soldiers' Angels requires identify verification. Identity is verified through the normal processing of a checking account or credit card donation of as little as one dollar (the option of handling it by phone or letter is available)

From its inception, the focus of Soldiers%u2019 Angels has been: Helping to bring home healthy soldiers.

Soldiers%u2019 Angels Projects in a Glance

Signing up to adopt a Soldier, Sailor, Airmen  or Marine is simple and takes only a few minutes to bring love, light,  hope and support to a hero who has taken the ultimate pledge to support  and protect you!

Service Member Adoptions - Individuals sign up to adopt a service member, providing one letter a week and at least one package a month to deployed service members.

Letter Writing Team - Registered Soldiers' Angels who write to the service members who need additional support.

Living Legends - Soldiers' Angels provides a living tree or a wreath to the families of fallen heroes. This team also aids the families with added comfort and support.

Cards Plus Team - Provides cards of encouragement and support to deployed soldiers and their families.

Chaplain Support Team (CST) - Developed with the help from deployed chaplains, they supply requested chapel items, special appreciation letters, and "baggies from home" giftbags that chaplains can hand out to their soldiers as they provide comfort and assurance to their soldiers that they are not forgotten.

Wounded TLC Team - Angels send cards/letters of support to members of the military who have been wounded to thank them for their service and show they are not forgotten.

Operation SOS: KIDS - Helps humanitarian missions in-country led by service members supported by the Angels.

Hero Flights - Emergency travel & housing assistance for service members & their families.

Project Valour-IT - Provides voice-activated laptop computers and other technology to wounded service members recovering from hand or arm injuries, amputations, or eye or brain injuries to help them feel whole again.

Holiday for Heroes - Provides deployed service members with a holiday gift from home.

Sewing Team - Handmade blankets, helmet liners, sand scarves, cool scarves, and numerous "comfort items" for deployed, wounded and veterans.

K-9 Support - Extra TLC for military working dogs and their handlers during deployments.

First Response Backpacks - Package of toiletries, clothing, a handmade blanket and personal note for wounded soldiers, etc., given out at combat support and stateside hospitals.

Veterans Assistance - Supports patients at veterans' medical centers, nursing homes and Stand Downs, including Vet Packs to those needing extra assistance.

Angel Bakers - Sends specially made treats to deployed units needing extra Angel love.

Ladies of Liberty - Offering unique support to the deployed and wounded female heroes.

Secure Donations can be made Online via this page

Or Donate via the official Sodiels' Amgels Website Secure Payment

This Lens is dedicated to those selfless warriors and their Angels. Please show your support.

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led nonprofit that encompasses over 20 different teams and programs. They send letters, care packages, and comfort items to deployed American service members, and we support their families here at home.

We at Squidoo passionately believe in creating new ways to support good causes online. By making a donation to Soldiers Angels from this page, you are sending money directly to that organization, in whatever amount you want. We don't touch it. We don't even see it. The author of this page doesn't either. And if you made it this far, thanks for caring.

"The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you."
- General Dwight D Eisenhower

"With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right,
as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the world we105re in, to bind up the nation's wounds."
- Abraham Lincoln: Second Inaugural Address, 1865

Support the Troops - Adopt a Soldier and Send a gift!

The Soldiers' Angels warehouse is in need of supplies! Please help restock our shelves.
We will be sending out care packs throughout the year again to all our U.S. men & women in uniform.

~ Thank You for Your Support ~

Where to Ship:
Please include inside your shipping boxes a list of items with your contact information and an estimated value. Ship to:
Soldiers' Angels
112 Greenhill Road
Ramseur, NC 27316

(east of the Mississippi)

Soldiers' Angels
4408 N PanAm Expwy San Antonio, TX 78218
(west of the Mississippi)

For monetary online donations please visit our secure website at

For more information contact

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led, 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting the troops since 2003

Saturday, 08 May 2010

Ram and Zac Brown Band Team Up for Letter for Lyrics

On May 10, executives from Chrysler Group LLC, Zac Brown Band and Soldiers' Angels stood wingtip-to-wingtip to announce the launch of Letters For Lyrics, a massive, nationwide effort to send one million letters to support our U.S. troops stationed across the world.

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