Friday, 25 January 2013

Store: Donnette-Davis - - 41 Freebiesw Currently

Store: Donnette-Davis -

Interested in obtaining 41 top quality free education / Homeschool items (ebooks) (Limited time) grab them here.  I know they're great products because I created them and the rave reviews are there for all to see.  Share with your friends and homeschool groups.  By the end of this weekend I may even more.

Donnette Davis, that's me.   I'm married to Craig Fry, have a full time job in law, mama to 6 humans, 5 canines and 4 felines, and wife to one sports-crazy elite athlete manager who tolerates my need for working 18-20 hours a say, maintaining various websites, blogs, social media campaigns and a published author.

I', also a great fan of helping people when I can if I cam, and I love to share great deals.  After all who couldn't do with sharing a few $ every month?  I sure count my pennies.

I love Teachers Pay Teachers, Paul is Hand on and very fair and I am honored to work with them.   Some of my recent over 200 products there include the following below.   I try to work according to themes.  Next week will be explosive so for four day starting today I am having a sale.   Out with the old, in the with new (not literally of course) :)

New Products recently Posted:

 190+ Mega Party Pack of Chinese New Year Activities, Worksheets and Puzzles

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