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Christmas Theme Curriculum-Based Fun Educational Pack [BUNDLE]

Christmas Bundle Activity Pack Special Offer

Christmas Bundle Activity Pack Special Offer

I have put together a fantastic Christmas Activity Bundle for kids of all ages, mums, grannies, teachers, homeschoolers, preschoolers…


The Bundle Includes the following, which are available separately, but not with the same amazing savings:

  • 12-days12 Days of Christmas, Copywork, Activity Book & Sheet Music, A comprehensive Unit Study of the 12 Days of Christmas (Includes the Biblical interpretation). This unit is suitable for preschool children to around Grade 3 as it includes activities that can be adapted for younger or older children. Some educator/parental guidance and discussion will make this fun unit study even more interesting
  • xmas-counting-g1-g21Christmas Counting & Numbers,Activity Book Suitable for Pre K- Gr1… This Christmas Themed Mathematics Activity Book is geared towards children who are in the early stages of learning; more appropriately preschool to grade 1 although activities can be adapted for older or younger children. The activities are fun, illustrated with exciting Christmas themes and so break the monotony that can and often do occur during learning time. The beauty of this book is that it can travel!

Christmas Maths, Problem solving & Counting for Gr 1-2 - his Christmas Themed Mathematics Activity Book is geared towards children who are in the early stages of learning; more appropriately grade 1 or 2 although activities can be adapted for older or younger children. The activities are fun, illustrated with exciting Christmas themes and so break the monotony that can occur during lesson time. The beauty of this book is that it can travel! It can be used as an activity during long car travel, or even for those couple of hours in an evening when everyone wants and needs their own space. The work is curriculum-based on research on the Assessment Standards utilised in South Africa.

  • Christmas Picture Dictionary & Activity Book for Early Learners

    At the outset I need to emphasize that our Picture Dictionaries were developed as fun educational activities. Christmas is an exciting time for children and anything with a Christmas theme can encourage a child to read, write, draw & create. This Christmas Themed Picture Dictionary has been developed for early learners, around preschool years, but like with many of our workbooks can be adapted to suit older or younger learners.

  • Preparing for Christmas ~ A Comprehensive Educational Activity Book for Kids & Adults :) - A4 Size Educational Activity Book - Includes inter alia Fun Illustrated Christmas Preparations Advent CalendarAn Illustrated History of Christmas Traditions and Symbols (With Comprehension Questions)The Christmas Spider StoryWhat the Drummer Boy Didn’t Know : The Story of HanukkahHow to Use Children’s Literature and Cooking Activities to Teach Early Literacy SkillsWordsearches & Mazes (Easy, harder, hardest)Colouring & Dot to DotSanta Cut & Paste ActivityChristmas Gift Cut & Paste
  • The Christmas Child, A Comprehensive Unit Study for All Grades

  • The Christmas Dinner - An Activity Play for Children -

    This delightful play (in three parts) for children of all ages is intended, not only for acting, but also for reading and comprehension. It is arranged that boys and girls can read it to themselves, just as they would read any other story. Even the stage directions and the descriptions of scenery are presented as a part of the narrative. At the same time, by the use of different styles of type, the speeches of the characters are clearly distinguished from the rest of the text, an arrangement which will be found convenient when parts are being memorized for acting.

  • The Christmas Story as Told in The Bible ~ Copywork & Activity Book - This 105 Page educational eBook focuses on the Story of the Birth of Christ as told in the KJV Bible. This is a complete Unit Study of the Birth , and included are fun exercises to take away any monotony that may arise (and often does) with copywork. Standard fonts have been used for general copywork, and Tracing Fonts have been used for the younger learner. Training lines and standard lines will be found throughout the book, which focuses on the entire passages of the Bible, but reinforces certain aspects of the birth which will already be familiar to your child when hearing the Sotry of the Birth of Christ. This beautiful book is a “keeper” and can be printed and re-printed as your children familiarise themselves with the Bible and develop their relationship with Christ. Share this as a beautifully ring-bound Christmas Gift for treasured family and friends. I am extremely proud and dewy eyes at this work which I consider to be exceptionally meaningful.

    • Timeless Christmas Classics - Unit Studies & Reading Comprehension for All Ages -

    No greater teaching force has ever been discovered than the story and no one has ever lived who used that force so skilfully as did our Great Teacher.

    It is not strange, then, that among all the stories that have ever been written or told none are so dear to us as the stories and legends which centre in His birth. Young and old alike delight in them and never tire of hearing them.

    Unusual care has been taken in compiling this little volume and each story has its own sweet lesson. Each one is from the pen of one who has imbibed the real spirit of Christmas. They will prove attractive and helpful at any time during the year.

    It is our earnest wish that this book may find its way into many homes and schools and Sunday Schools and that its contents may help to inspire and guide us all.

    TOTAL VALUE: $56.50
    SALE PRICE: $20.50
    SAVINGS OF: $36.00 (64%)

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Hi there on this excruciatingly hot day in Southern Africa..

Just a note that I have a load of free printable Christmas activities to keep your little ones occupied (and mum's sane) during this festive season that won't yet be found on my main St Aiden's website as yet - I tend to spread my resources lolol...

Please feel free to download download download!!! Keep the kids busy entertained and creative!!! They will absolutely adore making gifts for Mum and Dad, Granny and Grandpa...

Feel free to browse through the 400+ activity documents I have there, educational mainly aimed at kids, but parent and teacher resources as well... Below is the link to my Christmas Folder:

An example of what you can find is:

Christmas Stories and Reading Comprehension;

Christmas Crafts;

Christmas Activity Books;

Christmas Counting;

Christmas Alphabet;

Christmas Carol Song Book;

Christmas Recipe Books;

Kids Crafts - Making Christmas Gifts - inexpensively :)

And so much more...

Please do make use of the FREE resources. The children's books are ALL educational and so they will be learning without even knowing it... Today I might add some scrapbooking and notebooking pages which will be ideal for printing out, and putting together in a little package with a beautiful ribbon... Be sure to print out the free gift tags as well... The kids will have fun and you will end up with a host of inexpensive Christmas gifts for loved ones that will be useful and appreciated...



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International Children's Dance Therapist and Author to Visit South Africa

My good friend and inspiration, Dzagbe, hails from Ghana, now lives in Spain will be visiting Africa shortly to promote her new book. Reading through her up coming press release by her publishers I discovered some interesting information about this woman of the world - one who cares so deeply for others to the extent that she makes it her life's work to assist and aid. She has written books and produced videos and is well known as an expert author in her field. Here is an excerpt from her press release"

"Tales My Ghanaian Grandmother Told Me" consists of four stories: "The Wicked Curse of Nibobobo", "Akua's Foolish Wish", "Fingers of Fire" and "Journey to the Chest of Gold".

"The Wicked Curse of Nibobobo" opens with the inhabitants of the village holding a dance by moonlight. The young hero of the story slips way. He is in love. He plans to ask the girl's father for permission to marry her. Her parents are delighted to give their consent but the hero's own father forbids the relationship.

This decision has catastrophic consequences as the girl’s mother commits a terrible act which affects all the villagers. Our hero accompanied by two young friends sets out on a dangerous journey into the unknown to rectify the situation.

"Akua's Foolish Wish" explains the possible origins of a taboo. Akua, a young potter unthinkingly expresses a wish not realizing her power to make it come true. This results in inanimate objects having the power of speech and a very fraught situation develops in the village.

After much time and effort Akua is able to solve the problem.

"Fingers of Fire" is a story about a very unusual boy who has mysterious powers. He receives instructions to build a very strange object though he does not know what its purpose is. He is assisted in all his endeavors by a young girl who lives in the same household.

When finally the strange object is revealed it completely changes the lives of the villagers.

"Journey to the Chest of Gold" tells the story of a trip by a party of schoolchildren and their teacher to learn about the Gold Trade in West Africa. The group travel back through time and enter the King's Palace. There they learn about the weights used for measuring gold dust and gold nuggets.

To the horror of the group their presence in forbidden territory is discovered and they flee from the past back to the present.

All four stories are linked by being set in Ghana in times past. I am an ethnologist and my background facts and descriptions are accurate. Despite the title these stories are not traditional tales retold. They are genuinely my own creation. Traditional tales were narrated by the Story Teller. I have written mine in this style.

How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first book at age twelve. It is only in the last six years or so that I have considered publishing anything I have written.

What motivated you to write this book? At the moment many countries have great problems due to lack of social cohesion and generally accepted moral standards. In some big cities youths are carrying dangerous weapons and murders are becoming increasingly common. Teen age pregnancy rates amongst girls are rising.

World wide there are large numbers of parents looking for ways of giving their children a glimpse of another more structured and peaceful society. I do not wish to imply that traditional African societies had all the answers. Nor do I want to deny that young people in Africa today are looking to Europe and the United States of America for their influences.

People involved in the upbringing of children are also looking for a morality that goes beyond established religions, for a morality that we all as human beings can agree on. Many children feel fearful and defenseless. My stories impart a feeling of self-worth to them.

Children can learn a number of things from my stories, such as how children and adults interacted. How children were brought up with the aim of producing hard-working, thoughtful, responsible adults. The importance of community is illustrated and how everyone had their place. Attitudes towards authority are also mirrored. Children have an instinctive understanding of the importance of music, dance and a spiritual life. This understanding is often lost in adulthood - but not in Africa.

Although my stories are for all children they may have a special significance for children whose heritage is linked to the African Diaspora.

Who and/or what inspire you most?

I am most inspired by the beauty and diversity of planet Earth and its peoples, the majority of whom struggle to live good lives

.What are your future plans?

I would very much like to travel the world and teach parents how they themselves can use Dance and Movement as a means of conflict resolution and deepening their relationship with their children. I intend to carry on writing for children and on anything else that interests me.

Have you started on your next book? If so, please introduce its premise if you are interested.

Yes. It is set in a coastal fishing village in present day Ghana. It deals with changes in society from past to present which the boy and girl (the main characters) experience in dreams at night. A conflict which has its mysterious origins in the past still looms large in certain people's lives. The guiding presence in this journey is a highly intelligent talking dolphin. His family history is entwined with that of the villagers. He reveals the secret and teaches them ecological lessons which give rise to a green movement in that area.

Do you hope to inspire other writers? What advice would you give for people thinking about writing a book?

I do hope to inspire other people but not necessarily as writers. I would advice them by all means write your book but be aware that luck; great self-confidence and persistence are needed to get it published.

What do you do for a living? What is your day job or is writing your day job?

I am an ethnologist and I have worked in museums in Ghana, Nigeria and Germany. I am also a Dance and Movement Therapist. I have worked with adults suffering from a range of problems including severe mental ill health, various other physical problems, stress, medication, drug dependency and personality disorders. My main work, however, has been with Children with Special Needs. I have worked with children with severe learning and physical problems including Downes Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism amongst others. I cannot describe writing as my day job as having a job includes the idea of remuneration. If this book is a success then I'll describe myself as a writer. But I do intend to continue writing full time

What obstacles have you overcome to write this book?

Writing the book was not the problem - finding a publisher with vision was.

How long did it take you to write this book?

I don't remember. It all happened in what to me feels like another lifetime.

What research did you do for the book, if any?

None as such, I drew on knowledge gained during my ethnological research while working.

Did you draw on life experience to write this book? If so, can you share that experience in brief?

Yes, but the experiences are too esoteric to be explained briefly.

Do you possess a unique quality or talent that might relate to the purpose of this book?

Yes, I am a Healer and a member of the World Federation of Healing.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us? (Possibly about your home, family, life purpose, your community, etc.?)

I am a Dance and Movement Therapist who has written a book on Dance Therapy for the use of parents who have children with Special Needs. I have also produced an African Dance video.

Although my stories are intended for all children I would have thought that they best fit into the "ethnic", "Black Literature" slot.

Visit her website at">Earn Mon...

[caption id="attachment_33" align="alignnone" width="218" caption="This is the cover of the soon to be published and released and will be available in South Africa early in 2009"]This is the cover of the soon to be published and released and will be available in South Africa early in 2009[/caption]

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Official Press Release On 01 December 2008

St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa, Signs on to

South Africa — The era of digital delivery is here and St Aiden’s Homeschool is at the forefront. You can now easily download our educational material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at
We are happy to announce that we’ve teamed up with and can now offer you, our customers, homeschool and educational products as secure eBooks on this exciting, new site. Check out our eBook educational products right now by visiting is the only eBook and audio book site specializing in Homeschool curriculum. This dynamic and user friendly site employs the latest Adobe server technology, allowing us to make our full line of products available to you easily, instantly, cheaply and completely free of shipping costs. takes extra books off your bookshelf and puts them on your computer or CD-Rom, saving you much needed space. No longer will you be plagued by broken or missing audio cassettes and CD’s, or drink-stained workbook pages! Your books will now be effortlessly stored, as small, easy-to-use files on computer or disc, to be viewed or printed at your convenience.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity: St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa and will be offering anumber of promotional published eBooks for download absolutely free during the next week or two, in plenty of time to fill those Christmas stockings with fun and educational activities for your kids, from preschool right up to upper elementary school.

Be sure to be on the lookout for our newsletters featuring our newest products (they will also be on the site at St Aiden's) and also the free downloads that will shortly be available to you and check out our other great curriculum-based homeschooling and educational products at where you get Curriculum in a Click!


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New Craft eBook in Time for Christmas : 23 November 2008

Hello All, especially my dear Carle and orther eco-crafters,

Here is an eBook I have written and published and would love for you to have a look. I did this because the bulk upload at Scribd is still not working.

Here is a description of the book and the reference. If you are interested in reviewing the book please let me know and I will give you access to the entire book. I still have more than 30 individual patterns that I did NOT include in my book because I want to upload those individually. People know their limitations and don't need 3 pages of hot-to's and terms and techniques :)

"An attractive, comprehensive & illustrated manual on basket weaving, with easy to understand instructions for beginners to experts, basketweaving terms and techniques, How to Assemble a Basket Maker's Tool Kit, a glossary and of course loads of illustrated craft patterns for the more advanced. We're not just talking veggie baskets here... There are Notepad holders, Easter baskets, Christmas baskets and a list of references at the end of the book that offer free basket weaving patterns and subscriptions. "

The following books are available for download at Lulu as well:

Generations of Homestyle RecipesGenerations of Homestyle Recipes (e-book)

A book I acquired and have digitally reconstructed to produce in an easy to read manner, choc full of traditional homestyle recipes, including for Thanksgiving, Christmas and all major holidays and festivities.

South Africa : The Old & The New - Activity Book for Grades 3-5
South Africa : The Old & The New - Activity Book for Grades 3-5 (e-book)

Comprehensive, fun illlustrated curriculum related activity book for Grades 3 to 5, focusing on South Africa, the Old and the New, including Heads of State, Old & New flags, National Emblems, Coats of Arms, Big 5, the 9 Provinces. Includes backline maps, National Monuments, places of interest, heritage sites, languages, cultures and notebooking pages. This unit although not designed for use in S African schools contains all the information and more that the curriculum currently contains. Fun activities hold your child's interest while they learn.

Christmas Mega Activity Book Christmas Mega Activity Book (e-book)

The Ultimate Christmas Activity Book, with over 350 pages of fun and colourful educational activities, including Christmas stories, poems and songs, crafts, recipes, dot-to-dot, word tracing, Christmas Alphabet, Christmas Picture Dictionary, Santa Activities, Snowman activities, Christmas phonics, Christmas Maths, scrapbooking pages, letter to Santa, printable frames, cut and paste activities, and much, much more.

A Collection of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Copywork & Activity Sheets
A Collection of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes, Copywork & Activity Sheets (e-book)

190 Fun Pages of Mother Goose nursery rhymes and copywork pages with activities, including word tracing, puzzles, graphics.

220 Dolch Words - Activity & Writing Fun
220 Dolch Words - Activity & Writing Fun (e-book)

An activity book of 124 pages containing all 220 of the most commonly used Dolch (or sight) words with a brief description of word recognition and training. Included in this eBook is a table reflecting all 220 words, the Dolch phrases and Dolch nouns, and the grades by which it is suggested they be learnt. Each grade list has a word wall and handwriting tracing practice pages for each word, with sight word cards. Each Noun comes with tracing practice, sight word card and a word wall. The Dolch Phrases each have a wall word card and also handwriting practice. There is a lovely fairy tale at the end of the activity book which contains all of the Dolch Words. Included is lined writing paper, with training lines for little folk, and without for older children.

Please look out for the free Activity eBooks that will be uploaded to St Aiden's this week. They are once again Christmas, Thanksgiving and The Pilgrims of New England related (although we don't celebrate Thanskgiving in S A it is a special time of the year for me), Reading Comprehension Activity Books, links will be sent through later in the week for the additional free downloads.

In the meantime I wish you all a blessed week and look forward to keeping in touch with you again soon...
Blessings Donnette

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St Aiden's has teamed up with

Hi All

Just a quickie to let you know that St Aiden's is officially associated with and has it's own aStore.

Here is the link:

I am more than happy to upload and provide information and links to any particular subjects you may not find I have already published there.

The prices are reasonable and I have carefully handselected the majority of products. All are aimed at Home Education, Family Education, Homeschooling and Developing, Nurturing and Teaching your Child from baby to "big"...

Those of you who know me know that I have become very interested in developing motor skills in children and early child development. I am amazed at how much I learn from my own 3 year old and how much more I do not know about the trials and tribulations of parents who may have children with learning difficulties etc.

I have also produced a hefty number of books on handwriting, using tracing, standard, cursive fonts, all professionally purchased and the books are set our on different age appropriate lines, with training lines for the less advanced. Just as an aside... :)

Please pay a visit and let me know what you think and also all suggestions will be welcome and I will search and find products you feel are needed to be included...



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South Africa - The Old & The New for Gr 3 to 5

An Activity Book Curriculum Based for Grades 3 to 5 on South Africa. This is BY NO MEANS JUST A COLOURING BOOK. It is purely educational and covers educational curricula and information. Whilst the design and questions and activities have been designed by myself it is with professional guidance and the assistance of many hours of research from my beloved books.

I have incorporated fun activities, colouring, questionaires, multiple choice, notebooking pages and more on inter alia the following:

Leaders : Old and New

Flag : Old and New

National Emblems

Coat of Arms : Old and New

Languages - all official languages

(new Provinces & the 4 Old Provinces

Flag Activities

Design Your own Coat of Arms

Design Your Own Flag

The Big 5

National Monuments, Places of Interest & National Heritage Sites

These are but a few of the interesting and colourful sections in this book, which IS South African curriculum based (I found this out belatedly)... A MUST for any homeschooling family or teacher/educator who is involved in apprising his or her learners of the Old and the New South Africa.

You may preview the book here

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St Aiden's Homeschool - Updates 10-11-08

Hello Everyone after a very long absence. Things are up and running again on the new server and all links are almost live, considering there are around 1200 additional free printables this has been no easy task :) Thank you all for your patience. I promise you won't be disappointed with the quality and quantity of the activity books and worksheets, information and resources that you now have free access to.

To keep it as brief as possible, these are a few of the sections in which you will find updates. I will send out more news letters later in the week with more uploads - this is purely so that I don't send out a newsletter 5 miles long :)

Alphabet - Picture Dictionary Activity books for the very young to the older learner, as well as Letter/Picture Association eBooks.

Alphabet Early Readers, as well as Alphabet Simple Words. You will note that every single letter of the alphabet has a workbook in each one of these sections. All include handwriting practice, word and picture recognition and association and letter formation.

Comprehension has become big with Savannah and there are no fewer than 50 full comprehension eBooks with activities available in Groups 1 and 2. Group 3 & 4 are for more advanced learners and are not yet uploaded.

Thanksgiving has been an absolute joy. Not celebrating it in South Africa but having it close to my heart it was a joy and a pleasure to write and officially publish a Comprehensive Thanksgiving Manual, with recipes, lists, printables, table settings and the whole bangshoot!! It can be previewed here if anyone is interested.

Alphabet Tracing for each letter of the alphabet has been done (26 books in total) as well as full alphabet books, 6 in total in that set, comprising of standard printing, standard italic, standard print tracing, standard print tracing and cursive print and tracing.

Our African Sections and Thanksgiving Sections have found additional activity books which I know will be very useful. Particularly the recent South African publication I know forms part of the official public education system curriculum. (I found that out belatdly)

I am extremely proud of having published through Lulu, my online publishers, two new books which will benefit the homeschooling family. They are Homeschooling from the Heart and Little Learners Handwriting Practice. Both you will find invaluable and can be previewed at the links provided.

Learning Languages has found a section in our site with simple to understand vocab and phrases for even little ones. Languages include French, Italian, German, Spanish, Serbian, Bosnian and even Icelandic.

Fine Motor Skills has developed enormously with more additional exercises, activity books and manuals. There is a focus on assisting children with learning disabilities in many of my books so I know that they will find a use for many people.

Not to take up any more of your valuable time. Happy downloading!! I would as always appreciate feedback, and I apologise in advance for cramming your mailboxes. You will receive another update in a few days' time... Please forgive me :)

Blessings for a wonderful educational journey for you and your beloved family...

Donnette E Davis
St Aiden's Homeschool
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New Educational eBooks Published

Two recently published and released books are now available for download, in addition to literally hundreds of new ebooks which I will tell you about in later posts.

For now and because they will sit on the front page of my website only for a few more days I will fill you in on the books.

The first is a book written & compiled called Homeschooling from the Heart. It is a book I have compiled after much research, soul-searching, investigation, interviews and of course (as we all know I am very outspoken when it comes to certain forms of public education) drawn from my own experiences. Homeschooling from the Heart offers parents and educators an insight into the joys and pleasures and benefits and advantages of homeschooling their children. There are very few cons - since the family unit is maintained socialisation has never really become an issue contrary to popular belief!! (Tongue in cheek as I write this). Homeschooling from the Heart can be previewed at the link, and as always I welcome input. This is a DEFINITE must for any homeschooling family!

The other book I have compiled - Little Learners Handwriting Practice - is rather extensive (but enormous fun) and covers every aspect of learning to recognise, read and write the alphabet, from standard printing, to italic printing, to letter tracing (an excellent - I cannot stress enough how excellent - method of practicing the alphabet and letter formation) to the more advanced cursive and cursive tracing. Also included in this book are a large quantity of motor skills practice pages, just giving your child that edge. Because the books are down loadable the pages can be printed over and over again until your child is comfortable with moving on to the next stage. Lovely little illustrations assist with word/letter/picture recognition and again, this book can be used over and over again and shared with younger siblings or friends and family. An absolute must and is in fact recommended in elementary public schools here in South Africa. A must-have book for early learners. Plus it's fun :))

Thanksgiving : All You Need to Know

A comprehensive beautifully illustrated book on Thanksgiving - Everything You Need to Know & More, including preparations beforehand, preparing your home, deciding on kids' only or adults' only or both kids and adults, formal or informal - should it be a Thanksgiving Dinner or a Thanksgiving Party? This book covers everything you need to consider before making your decision and then in helping you prepare for the most memorable Thanksgiving celebration your guests will have.

Included in the book is a comprehensive Thanksgiving menu - and a full menu for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving meal as well - a few variations of the famous pumpkin pie, sauces, puddings, cookies, and the most awesome crafts that will become keepsakes.

Needing professional advice on how to carve that turkey or chicken? This book gives you step-by-step instructions, with simple but clear illustrations on 2 different methods of carving... Who will ever know it was your first time carving - you'll look like the absolute professional!!! :))

Prior to hosting your event, you will consider seating arrangements, etiquette, guest lists - a lot of preparation and planning goes into hosting the perfect event.

I have included Thanksgiving recipe cards, name place cards, a formal dinner menu, and a printable Thanksgiving card which your guests will appreciate once you have personalised it with their names and yours.

You will also find an invaluable - in fact essential - Printable Budget, a Food & Beverage Planner and a Guest Planner. Along with your delightful and varied menu you cannot but host the most memorable Thanksgiving celebration, be it formal or informal. Your guests will definitely be looking for an invitation to next year's event!! :) Just as an aside Thanksgiving - Everything You Need to Know & More will be a welcome gift to any guest!

Please feel free to preview the book and I would welcome any and all comments.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Blessed and Warm Thanksgiving Holiday...

Donnette E Davis
St Aiden's Homeschool

Monday, 07 January 2008

St Aiden's Homeschool, South Africa, Website Updates and Free Downloads

Hello Everyone and a Happy New Year to All... I hope your Christmas Holiday and New Year's Festivities were happy, fun-filled and blessed... Now we're on to a new year and new beginnings - AGAIN ;)

I apologise in advance for the length of this update. I will keep it as short as possible but it will still be fairly long. With the holidays I kept updates to a minimum for a few weeks recently so there have been a number of additions.

The January 2008 Learning Calendar, for fun activities and international events. Not all aspects are covered on our website but I will add to each event as I can and as it is relevant to us. You may wish to incorporate some fun unit studies of some events. I'm sorry that this month is a little scant. St Aiden's was not around in January last year so I have not developed unit studies for many of the events... You can view the Full Calendar and links at

Click on the month below to find fun and educationally relevant

holidays, events, and celebrations. Use the notable occasions to

spark new areas of research and tap into your students' interests.

There's something worth celebrating every day! Explore each

page individually or download the full calendar!

South African School Calendar for 2008 ***

2008 Educator's Calendar. Click to download detailed PDF.

These are additions to a new section of the website. Please feel free to download what may be of use to you, and share with your friends. The children's journals I have made took longer than expected, that was a massive job :) also obtaining permissions for use of graphics took some time due to the holidays. They will however be uploaded during the course of this week.

Free eBooks

Archives of Previous Newsletters & Updates have been created at this link:
Please let me know if there is anything else you are looking for. I do have more documents due for upload shortly and will let you know in time...
May I take this opportunity of thanking everyone for their support during the 10 months of St Aiden's life, and wishing you and yours the very best life has to offer for 2008.
Man must search for what is right, and let happiness come on its own. Johann Pestalozzi