Saturday, 31 January 2009

A fantatic list put together by Parentwonder - these are just a few of the vast library!

General Parenting Tips

1. Speaking So Kids Will Listen - 25 simple ways to get your message across to kids - By Michael Grose. Ever said this to your kid: “I have told you a million times can you just turn that TV down!” If so, this ebook will show you a better to get cooperation from kids without saying this. Plus other great tips like building confidence and self-esteem in children, talking about sex, drug and violence, and more. PDF file. 18 pages.

2. Raising Children Network: Make a Book - You can select and make your own books. Select from various stages of development and individual chapters, then the book appears as you requested. Very cool! However, only Baby & Child Books available now:

  • Newborns (0-3 months) - Essential information on caring for a newborn baby
  • Babies (3-12 months) - What to expect during the sitting and crawling phase
  • Toddlers (1-3 years) - A guide to parenting when your child discovers her own two feet
  • Preschoolers (3-5 years) - The basics on helping your child thrive during the preschool years
  • School age (5-8 years) - Essential information to help your child make the most of the early school years

3. Backpack Buddies Fact Sheet Index – By Ohio State University Extension. PDF files. Topics include:


  • Get Off To a Good Start
  • Nurturing Your Child's Self-Esteem
  • Helping Your Child Succeed In School
  • Holiday Stress Busters for Big and Little People
  • Discipline and Your Child
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Reading Skills and Journal-Keeping
  • Caution--Is Your Home Safe?
  • Summer Activities for Fun and Learning

First Grade:

  • Dealing With Morning Madness
  • Understanding Sibling Rivarly
  • Good Study Habits and Homework
  • Holidays--What A Great Time!
  • Keeping Our Children Safe
  • Setting Limits with Your Children
  • Nutritious Food For Cool Kids
  • Children's Friendships
  • Fun Summer Time Activities and Games

4. Monitoring your child’s growth and development - A quick run down of what to monitor from birth to 4 years old. PDF file. 3 pages.

5. The Bully – Make Sure Your Child Knows How to Handle Bullies - An interactive book with nice pictures on what to do for bully victims and parents. A bully quiz for children as well as for parents and educators. EXE file. 46 pages.

6. Tantrums - By Parenting SA. What parents can do when tantrums happen? Big and small. PDF file. 4 pages.

7. Understanding Children: Disciplining your preschooler - By Iowa State University. This books discusses topics like what a toddler wants, communicating with a toddler, time-out and spanking. PDF file. 4 pages.

8. Understanding Children: Sibling Rivalry - By Iowa State University. 9 awesome tips on handling conflict between siblings. One of the tips is to leave your kids alone and let them work it out for themselves. PDF file. 4 pages.

9. Discipline: Help your children develop feelings of self-esteem - By New Mexico State University. “Children develop feelings of self-esteem, competence, independence, cooperation and responsibility when they grow up with guidelines. Two effective ways to discipline children and create sensible guidelines are through rewards and punishment.” The ebook includes ten rules of discipline and how to handle parenting differences. PDF file. 4 pages.

10. How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night
- By Permanente Medical Group. 4 strategies on getting your baby to sleep uninterrupted and its pros and cons respectively. PDF file. 4 pages.

11. Balance Your Life: The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Family - By Golden Goose Ventures. From the page: How would you like to get control of your life? Stop working those 80 hour weeks. Get to know your family again. Get some FUN and FREE TIME into your life. Excellent advice. PDF file. 51 pages.

12. The Kids Are Driving Me Crazy - By Lisa Barker. An ebook excerpt from Just Because Your Kids Drive You Insane…Doesn’t Mean You Are A Bad Parent! Not quite a how-to book but a funny tale of how kids can really mess things up and challenges a mother faces. Lisa has a great sense of humor. PDF file. 60 pages.

Dance in our footseps DVD - Dzagbe Cudjoe,

In this DVD -

Learning some traditional dances in the Northern Region of Ghana.
Further details;

Dance in Our Footsteps - A fun DVD introduction to African dance

African dance is the perfect antidote to stress and that down-in-the-dumps feeling. Give yourself a tonic which leaves your mind, body and spirit feeling refreshed and invigorated. Dance to the exhilarating rhythms of Africa.

This DVD Dance Video offers a demonstration of the featured dances. It is not intended as a conventional instructional product. Enjoy yourself while experiencing the de-stressing and pleasurable effects of African dance. Try and copy the dancers if you wish or just use their movements and the music to inspire you to create your own authentic, original dance. But most importantly have fun and if possible have a party at the same time.

Free Parenting eBooks

The following eBooks are provided free of charge for your information and
reference. Please note that the content of the eBooks does not necessarily
reflect my own personal views, and my providing the eBooks does not
necessarily indicate an endorsement to the author of the publication, their
affiliated websites, or the contents thereof. This page will be updated regularly
as new publications become available.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

St Aiden's Homeschool - Free Teacher Resources & Downloads 24-01-2009

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2009. First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for their valued and continued support throughout 2008. It was a busy year with a lot of new changes which hopefully we can use to our benefit in 2009.

This year will see a focus on providing more in depth unit studies on international social studies, as well as continuing to add to our already huge library of free teaching/parent/student resources on all subjects. Look out for our specially created PDF ebooks and tutorials aimed at parents, child-minders, health care professionals and educators.

This coming week I am looking forward to uploading more Valentine’s Day Activities, as well as even more literature unit studies.

In February we commemorate inter alia the following:

2nd Groundhog Day

2-7th National School Counselling Week (USA)

4th National Girls & Women in Sports Day

7th Charles Dickens; Birthday

14th Valentine’s Day

Read to Your Child Day

18th Adventures of Huckleberry Fynn Published in 1885 (I will have a PDF of this available with our next newsletter as a reading comprehension literature unit study)

24th Mardi Gras (USA)

26th Tell a Fairy Tale Day

27th National Polar Bear Day

New units added to Valentine’s Day include PDF eBooks for the whole family, Valentine Copywork & Poems. Included in the titles are:

Chocolate Modelling Clay
Create a Valentine's Day Centrepiece
Creative Valentine's Day Activities
Decorating Ideas for Different Occasions
Free Valentine's Day Greetings Cards
Give a Gift of Poetry
Happy Valentine's Day
Healthy Chocolate (Oh yes??) :)
Hobbies & Crafts for Valentine's Day
How to make a string of hearts
Kids' Valentine's Day Gifts
Make Your Own Gift Baskets
School Fundraiser Riche - Valentine's Day
Teach Your Children to Show Themselves that They Care
The Origin & History of Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day - Where did THAT Come From? :)
Valentine Gift Boxes - Tips to Create
Valentine's Day - Moments With Your Children
Valentine's Cards - An Art Project
Wolves, Goats Martyrs and War a History of Valentines Day

Heart Cut-Out Picture Frame
From the Heart Basket Weaving Pattern


We have created lower and upper case heart-themed alphabet flash cards, as well as a set of number flash/sight cards from 1-20. The files are in PDF format.

Looking further afield for a comprehensive Valentine's Day Portal, covering the origins, history and traditions of Valentines Day, crafts & activities, the meaning of Valentine's Day, gift ideas for men, women and children, you will find everything you need to know at
this link.

To celebrate Reading and Fairy Tales in February, we have a large number of free printable Early Readers and Comprehension Literature Unit Studies and invite you to download as many units as you may require.

Thank you for sunscribing to and reading this newsletter.

As always any suggestions, comments and criticisms are invited and welcome.
I can be contacted at

I wish you and your child/ren well on your Educational Journey


Donnette E Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

To understand children, you must continuously study child development.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children With Their Reading ==========================================================

1. Read books that contain print in the pictures.

2. Reread your child's favorite books.

3. Talk with your child as you read a book.

4. Read rhymes to your child and emphasize rhyming words.

5. Separate the sounds in a word, for example: D O G and then ask your child to put the sounds together to form a word.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Learning About Shapres & Colours eBooks (Preschool) Now Available

I’m Learning About Colours (Preschool through Gr 1) Now Available

This book (in 2 parts for ease of downloading) is a fun and colourful resource for both teacher/parent and student/child which has its focus on teaching children the concept of basic colours. It is suitable for both preschool-age children and First Grade but can easily be adapted to older or younger children.

The exercises contained in the book will keep your little ones entertaned for hours, and the games no doubt will have Mum very involved too :) The book is compiled in A4 format and is created in UK English.

Thw Whole of Part 1 may be previewed in Currclick’s Flash Preview Programme.

Includes inter alia :

* Teaching Tips, Ideas & Lesson Plans
* Vocabulary Cards
* Finger & Activity Plays
* “Teaching Colour” Songs, Poems & Rhymes
* I’m Learning Colours Activities
o Red
o Blue
o Green
o Black
o Brown
o Yellow
o Purple
o Rainbow
o Gold
* Flash Cards / Word Wall
* Colour Matching Activities
* Colour Games
* Colour Bingo
* Colour Fishing Game
* Rainbow Activities
* What’s the Word?
* Colour Match Jigsaw Puzzle
* Colour Song A4 posters

SAFETY NOTICE : Please ensure that adequate safety precautions are observed whilst your child is in the kitchen or working with heat, sharp or small objects.

I’m Learning About Shapes - Teaching & Student Resources for Preschool through Grade 1

This fun and colourful book contains useful teacher/student activities, lesson ideas and tips. It is suitable for teaching Preschoolers through to Grade 1 about the basic shapes, shape recognition, identification and spelling.

Clipart utilised is purchased from Green Label Clipart, and also public domain images.

You may preview the entire book in the Currclick Flash Programme :)

The book is written in UK English and in A4 format. Please adjust your printer settings when printing.

Included in the book are: * Teaching Ideas & Lesson Plans

* Finger & Activity Plays

* “Teaching Shape” songs & Rhymes

* Cut & Place Shadow Activities *I’m Learning Shapes Activities

o Square

o Circle

o Oval

o Heart

o Star

o Rectangle

o Triangle

o Cube

* Flash Cards / Word Wall

* Shape / Shadow Matching Activities

* Shape recipes

* Shape Games

* Shapes Bingo

This book will aid your child in developing basic shape/colour recognition skills, and the crafts & activities assists with the development of motor and critical thinking skills. Get your copy now at Currclick

This is Margaret’s Cookbook ~ A Little Cookbook for a Little Girl

This is Margaret’s Cookbook ~ A Little Cookbook for a Little Girl

This easy-to-read book contains 250 simple Home and Farm Style Recipes embedded within a delightfully amusing story of a young girl who was desperate to learn to cook. This was discouraged by family members, and particularly her aunt (Pretty Aunt), until they realised her continued (and failed) attempts at cooking were just going to encourage Margaret to keep on trying.

Read about her “Rules” (Recipes) failures and successes in this 3 Part Book, What Margaret Made For Breakfast, What Margaret made for Lunch, and What Margaret Made for Supper while browsing through her traditional Home Style & Farm style family recipes.

This is Margaret’s Cook-Book!!

Bible Stories for the Young Now Available at Currclick

Bible Stories for the Young ~ Copywork

It is with the desire of aiding parents and teachers in telling these stories, and aiding children to understand them, also in the hope that they may be read in many schools and homes throughout the world, that 40 from the many interesting stories in the Bible have been chosen and as far as possible simplified to meet the minds of the young learner.

This Book contains adequate material for use with your young child learning to read and write, right through to older children who are able to read and write independently by way of Copywork, drawings, pictures and note pages for a comprehensive study of the story. The book is therefore not categorized into any particular age group as it can be adapted and used for all aged children.

I hope that you find this book useful and that you and your child will share together the magic that can come in learning together.

With blessings for your educational journey

Author(s): Arranged by Donnette E Davis
Artist(s): Public Domain Material & Green Label Clipart
Price: $2.00

Pages: 236

Available at Currclick