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Free Christmas eBooks, Christmas Recipe Books, Christmas Coloring Books and more

St Aidens ~ Merry Christmas ~ Free eBooks

A HUGE selection of quality Christmas ebooks, from cooking, baking, Christmas Caroling, 12 Days of Christmas eBook (Education), Vintage Christmas Countdown eBook and loads more.. really worth a visit!

A beautifully presented electronic Coloring Book, with 32 high quality images to print.  Click on the thumbnail to download the zip file.  Once downloaded extract all files.  Double click on the icon to open the coloring book, and voila! you have yourself a fantastically simple and beautifully prepared coloring book to print.

Free Christmas Music PDF eBooks, Christmas Sheet Music, Midi Files & 12 Days of Christmas Unit Study Activity Book

St Aidens ~ Merry Christmas

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Christmas Carol Sheet Music PDF Book
36 Carols.

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Download the International Book of Christmas Carols, Sheet Music & Lyrics

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International Holidays, Free Gift Ideas, Recipes Crafts & More - Over 200 activity packed pages covering all International Holidays with the most up to date information and free resources

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Tragic South Africa, Where Your Running Shoes Are Worth More Than Your Life

Tragic South Africa, Where Your Running Shoes Are Worth More Than Your Life

How do I end this?

I'm not sure how to end this really...

It's a combination of frustration, heartache and desperation. How can we, as a country, expect to enter the international arena - on any level - when what we offer visitors to our country is violent crime, theft, robbery and murder?

What have any of these people who fall prey to the thugs that inhabit - and yes those that rule - the country, done to deserve to have their emotional and physical freedom threatened and compromised?

Here we have a 22 year-old young man. His dream of becoming an international star rests on his performances in races in South Africa. His training is rigorous and steadfast. We all conform to the program. We all become aware of the needs of one another. This man has talent. He is an exceptional young athlete.

With nurturing and encouragement he can realize his dreams. With professional guidance and support from his manager, Craig, he WILL realize his dreams.


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A Quick Peek Into Halloween Masks

A Quick Peek Into Halloween Masks

A big part of the success of Halloween is the masks that are used to create the desired kind of effect

At the start of October, you will likely find lots of spooky decorations, costumes and props at various retail outlets, specialty and Dollar stores. This is a clear sign that many people love Halloween - the festival that is being celebrated at the end of the month.

It's during the Halloween festivities that you can be anything or anyone you want to be; go out to celebrate the occasion; have fun with friends and family or stay at home and welcome those who'll be visiting you for tricks or treats.

In the past many people spent more than a small fortune on their Halloween costumes and decor, but in today's economic climate it makes sense to economize, spend wisely, make your costumes where possible, and perhaps finish it off with environmentally-friendly make-up or face paint, hats and masks. If this is the first time you're including masks with the costumes for your family members, it would probably be best if you keep these simple and convenient to wear.

It's also a good idea to have the children in on the choosing or making of masks. Some masks, such as the latex types, that look very real can indeed be also very scary. As much as you'll be wanting to scare your neighbors and friends, you don't want shrieking children who become terrified after seeing the masks. I'd opt for taking the kids to the store if buying masks, so they can choose the kinds that they are comfortable with.

In choosing Halloween masks, you'll have in mind what or who your (or your family member's) main aim or character is. This will make it easier for you to decide what kind of masks will best fit your mood come October 31. What also needs to be considered is the family budget, the age-appropriate costumes for your children, and the ease with which you'll be able to assemble perhaps ore than a few costumes on the day - and then still apply all the finishing touches.

Wearing masks eliminates the need for wearing face-paint of make-up, unless of course you plan on removing your mask after a short while.

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Going Green for Halloween - Recycled Craft, Decor and Costume Ideas

Going Green for Halloween - Recycled Craft, Decor and Costume Ideas

The Halloween celebration is not spared. As such, you could "go green" or "go healthy" this Halloween. That would be fun, healthy, beneficial, practical, and logical. You'd deserve a pat on the shoulder for putting together a Halloween celebration that delights and educates friends and families, and goes just that much further to taking care of our planet.

Hmm... How do you go green for Halloween? How does "healthy living" even fit INTO "trick-or-treating" and "Halloween Parties"?

It need not be tedious and difficult. Being environmentally friendly would not take much effort - it would be fun, cost-effective and would probably start a trend for future Halloween celebrations...

There are some great ideas on this page that I'd love to share with you, so grab pen and pencil and start scribbling down your ideas for a "Green and Healthy Halloween".

For more great ideas visit

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bleeding Heart Dessert Recipe - Ideal for Halloween Parties

Bleeding Heart Dessert Recipe

Be Still my Bleeding Heart!

It's actually a dessert - a very yummy scrumptious dessert!

Delight (or terrify) your Halloween dinner guests with this fantastic creation of a bleeding human heart dessert. The piece de resistance, I guarantee you.

Special effects are too gruesome for words, and the taste too delectable to describe. In keeping with the true Halloween dinner party tradition, you will want to incorporate this masterpiece into your dinner menu.

Wonder how many guests will ask for the recipe for their own parties next year?

Bleeding Heart Dessert

  • Serves: Approx. 6
  • Prep Time: 4 1/2 hours (incl. refrigeration)
  • Total Time: 5 hours (incl. refrigeration)

This dish delights all five senses:
Sight: red, glossy, and elegantly surreal when the blood starts to flow.
Taste: sweetest.
Smell: classic artificial-fruity
Touch: cold and wiggly.
Hearing: the screaming of guests.

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Make Your Own Rocky Horror Columbia Costume

Make Your Own Rocky Horror Columbia Costume

Pass the top and tails please! ~ Columbia, Rocky Horror Picture Show..

1973 saw the release of what has now become a cult - The Rocky Horror Picture Show, based on the madly successful Broadway Musical.

Nearly 40 years on and with '50s-style songs combined with the theme of sexual exploration, fans of the film and the stage shows still wear the looks of the film's characters for many different occasions. So if you're headed to a film screening or theater showing of the odd musical, refresh your memory on those "Time Warp" dance steps and let loose. If you're planning a Halloween party or event, this is the perfect opportunity to create your own masterpiece based on your favorite Rocky Horror character.

The screechy voiced Columbia is just one of the many strange inhabitants of Frank-N-Furter's mansion. This lens will look at ways to recreate Columbia's look, without breaking the bank and if you're feeling creative. Make up tips from experts are also featured, as is the official Rocky horror Make-up kit which is available for order, but in seriously high demand!

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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ye Olde Halloween Celebrations, It's Be-Witching Time

Ye Olde Halloween Celebrations, It's Be-Witching Time

The holiday-time of elves, witches, and ghosts is Hallowe'en. It is not believed in here except by some children, who people the dark with bogies who will carry them away if they are naughty.

Join me on a journey back to the 19th Century, where Halloween was very much a part of life - and belief. On this page we will focus on American beliefs, traditions and celebrations, more particularly relating to witches and the decor for such Halloween festivities.

Let us commence our journey.

In Colonial days Halloween (ye olde Halloween was actually spelled Hallowe'en) was not celebrated much in America. Some English still kept the customs of the old world, such as apple-ducking and snapping, and girls tried the apple-paring charm to reveal their lovers' initials, and the comb-and-mirror test to see their faces. Ballads were sung and ghost-stories told, for the dead were thought to return on Halloween.

Elves, goblins, and fairies were native on American soil. The Indians believed in evil manitous, some of whom were water-gods who exacted tribute from all who passed over their lakes. Henry Hudson and his fellow-explorers haunted as mountain-trolls the Catskill range. Like Ossian and so many other visitors to the Otherworld, Rip Van Winkle was lured into the strange gathering, thinks that he passes the night there, wakes, and goes home to find that twenty years have whitened his hair, rusted his gun, and snatched from life many of his boon-companions.

While the original customs of Hallowe'en are being forgotten more and more across the ocean, Americans have fostered them, and are making this an occasion something like what it must have been in its best days.

All Halloween customs in the USA were borrowed directly or adapted from those of other countries. All superstitions, everyday ones, and those pertaining to Christmas and New Year's, have special value on Halloween. Of course now the extent and variation of celebrations extend far beyond what one would have imagined,

Halloween is a night of ghostly and merry revelry. Mischievous spirits choose it for carrying off gates and other objects, and hiding them or putting them out of reach.

"Dear me, Polly, I wonder what them boys will be up to to-night. I do hope they'll not put the gate up on the shed as they did last year." Wright: Tom's Halloween Joke.

Bags filled with flour sprinkle the passers-by. Door-bells are rung and mysterious raps sound on doors, things thrown into halls, and knobs stolen. Such innocent antics mean no more at Halloween than the tricks played the night before the Fourth of July have to do with the Declaration of Independence.

Parties were prepared for in secret. Guests were not to divulge the fact that they were invited. Often they came masked, as ghosts or witches.

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My Public Domain Vintage Halloween Clipart, Free to Download

My Public Domain Vintage Halloween Clipart, Free to Download

Halloween postcards have been around for at least a century, mostly featuring black cats, jack-o-lanterns, witches or ghouls. Cards from the early 1900s will often read 'Hallowe'en.' Halloween can be a really fun time of year! And when it comes to paper crafts and card making it's a brilliant excuse to get creative!

This Vintage Halloween Postcard Clipart can be downloaded or embedded into your website or blog... with my compliments.. for free, nothing, gratis... nix nada.. ENJOY!! :)


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Summertime Party Ideas for Kids & Teens (And Adults)

Summertime Party Ideas for Kids & Teens (And Adults)

Summer is a great time of year for entertaining. You've got sunshine, great weather, the outdoors to enjoy, great garden fresh food, BBQ's, water fun and so much more! Here are some great ideas for hosting a summertime fun party, there are some great resources on this page :)

My Six - Lessons My CHildren Taught Me

My Six

Thank You SquidooHQ for Awarding this lens the Purple Star

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my lens. I hope that the brief explanations and scenarios will provide a broader picture of where we are today and how we got here.

This lens is not typically about "me" but about something relating to "me". As part of the Rocketmoms Summer Session 2011 we're required to build a lens "about me" or as I read it, "my stuff" or "important things in my life". All right so they're not stuff, nor are they things, but they are incredibly special, and each has taught me lessons in life that I may otherwise have never known.

My children, Derek, Jessie, Doey, Savannah, Clarissa and Aiden, are the greatest loves of my life. Each is as different to the other as they are alike.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Angel Connection

The Angel Connection

I don't have wings, but I'm a Soldier's Angel ; one day when I get big I would like to be a SquidAngel. I try to be an Earth Angel - but there are so many big footsteps to fill. I know my son, Aiden, has a guardian angel - or many. This page is about Angels, the perception of Angels, Angel beliefs and origins, and why people need angels.

Stephen Muzhingi, Comrades Marathon Legend to run Sunshine City Marathon, Zimbabwe

Stephen Muzhingi, Comrades Marathon Legend to run Sunshine City Marathon, Zimbabwe

Besides Muzhingi, other top athletes who are expected to light up the event include double Two Oceans Marathon winner Marko Mambo while IAU 50km reigning world champion Collen Makaza will also have a big shout.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Avocado Pears - Fruit or Veg?

Avocado Pears - Fruit or Veg?

We're in Mid-July here in the southern hemisphere. It's mid-winter and although it hasn't been the kind of winter one would experience in some regions of the northern hemisphere, we have experienced some "more than mild" spells i.e. it's been seriously bitter on some evenings, temperatures dropping to below zero.

I used to think that avocado pears were a summer crop, but looking at the enormous avocado pear laden trees in the beautiful garden of the wet-house I think I was horribly wrong in my previous assumption, or that because our winters are so mild, some days even hot, this crop can flourish throughout the year.

Wednesday, 06 July 2011

Say What? It's Against The Law!

Say What? It's Against The Law!

Doing research recently for a unit study on "where in the world does it come from?" for elementary schools, I stumbled upon a few websites that had me almost on the floor in tears of laughter... Uhhh... no really! In disbelief I clicked "Search" for information to substantiate the info I was reading, and of course off to the trusted Wikipedia for substantiation once again. Yes, sadly, it IS true... Throughout history people have made - and enforced - the strangest of strange laws and requirements in the governance of their countries, constituencies, states and provinces. Many laws stand today. I'm wondering if this is because they are so old they are forgotten or someone just hasn't had a chance to re-read the Book of Statues to see that Yes, times they are a-changing! Or, in many cases they have a-changed!

Tuesday, 08 March 2011

Stephen Muzhingi-Memories of Comrades Marathon 2010.wmv

A Photo Video of Zimbabwe's Stephen Muzhingi running and winning his second consecutive Ultimate Human Race, Comrades Marathon 2010. This was Stephen's 6th Comrades Marathon. Stephen has won 4 Gold Medals (Top 10) and 2 Silver Medals (Sub 7H30).

Music Credit: "The Story" by Brandi Carlile

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