Saturday, 13 December 2008


Hi there on this excruciatingly hot day in Southern Africa..

Just a note that I have a load of free printable Christmas activities to keep your little ones occupied (and mum's sane) during this festive season that won't yet be found on my main St Aiden's website as yet - I tend to spread my resources lolol...

Please feel free to download download download!!! Keep the kids busy entertained and creative!!! They will absolutely adore making gifts for Mum and Dad, Granny and Grandpa...

Feel free to browse through the 400+ activity documents I have there, educational mainly aimed at kids, but parent and teacher resources as well... Below is the link to my Christmas Folder:

An example of what you can find is:

Christmas Stories and Reading Comprehension;

Christmas Crafts;

Christmas Activity Books;

Christmas Counting;

Christmas Alphabet;

Christmas Carol Song Book;

Christmas Recipe Books;

Kids Crafts - Making Christmas Gifts - inexpensively :)

And so much more...

Please do make use of the FREE resources. The children's books are ALL educational and so they will be learning without even knowing it... Today I might add some scrapbooking and notebooking pages which will be ideal for printing out, and putting together in a little package with a beautiful ribbon... Be sure to print out the free gift tags as well... The kids will have fun and you will end up with a host of inexpensive Christmas gifts for loved ones that will be useful and appreciated...



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