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Some of the best quality christmas resources and articles can be found online at St Aiden's, South Africa : Christmas Resources. Our visitors recommend this website each time they try to search for christmas tips, advice and insider secrets from experts. You can search thru the form by keywords on that site or just browse our library of christmas related articles by experts in various subject fields.

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Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

When we think of Christmas, we think of lights, snow (even if we are in the south), Santa Clause, the nativity and, of course, we think of Christmas trees. Christmas tree decorations will overtake entire sections of stores during the holiday season. People will inevitably flock to those stores to purchase Christmas decorations for their homes and yards and they will buy tons of Christmas tree decorations and lights. Christmas tree decorations can come in many shapes and sizes. Some companies will release themed Christmas decorations, or special edition Christmas decorations while others just mass produce low cost characters, balls and other ornaments. Some people even use bows or candles to decorate their trees. Some families have ornaments that have been passed down for generations and are family keepsakes. This makes the Christmas tree even more special.Another option is to feature homemade Christmas decorations. If you are crafty, you may fashion ornaments from dough, paper or balsa wood. If you can sew or do yarn work like crochet or knitting you can make some lovely ornaments. You can even purchase some Styrofoam balls covered with satin thread and pin beads to them in interesting designs. Some families allow their children to make homemade Christmas decorations from dough that they bake in the oven and then paint. These ornaments, when paired with a popcorn and cranberry tinsel make a homey tree that is personal to and a special memory for the entire family.

Christmas Recent Stories and News

The real meaning of Christmas? ( via Yahoo! News)
Maybe we're just new-millennium Scrooges, but for many of us, the holiday season has become something to dread. Between the traffic-choked rat race, shopping bacchanalia, and culture wars sniping over the politics of Christmas, what used to be the best time of year has increasingly become just the opposite.Read more...

Christmas is hard work for 'world's oldest boy group', Vienna Boys' Choir (AFP via Yahoo! News)
If you think Christmas is stressful, spare a thought for the Vienna Boys' Choir.Read more...

Fire disrupts Christmas toy shoppers (UPI)
No people -- only toys -- were hurt when a Philadelphia Toys "R" Us caught fire just 10 days before Christmas.Read more...

Christmas gifts are in the cards (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
The scene on Christmas Day 2006, as Stacie Freymann remembers it, would have been comical if it weren't so strange.Read more...

South Florida's ethnic communities celebrate a traditional Christmas (Sun-Sentinel)
Specialty food retailers cater to Caribbean and Hispanic traditions South Floridians of Caribbean and Hispanic origin, homesick during the holidays, try to replicate a traditional Christmas here.Read more...

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