Sunday, 23 December 2007

Last Minutes Christmas Gifts - International and Local Delivery (Same Day)

Been reviewing some last minute Christmas shopping ideas (Thinking of my sister in East London) and have come across some superb sites, well worth a visit if you need to send a last minute gift and it requires same-day or international delivery.

Another site I have reviewed for last-minute same-day international gift delivery. Well worth a look. Read my review:

Cookie Garden

The Cookie Garden is listed under gift baskets on the Flowers Whisper website.

The Cookie Garden can be sent instead of cut flowers or plants when that option is desirable and for almost any occasion like a birthday, get-well, anniversary, etc.

Pros: This delightful arrangement is made up of delicious honey cookies that are frosted to appear as flowers. The Cookie Garden is very colorful and very imaginative. It's an edible bouquet of pure delight and one that recipients will rave about for months to come. Included in the arrangement is an assortment of hand gardening tools that the recipient can keep and use long after the cookies have been eaten and enjoyed. The arrangement is in a beautifully decorated pot that can be used to plant an ivy or other inside plant in once the cookies have been eaten. The pot has a design of flowers and butterflies painted on it. There are other small garnishes included in the Cookie Garden that will delight the recipient.

Cons: The cookies do contain sugar so those who have dietary restrictions should not be sent this arrangement. The sender needs to be aware of any health concerns of the recipient. Guarantee: Flowers Whisper guarantees flowers to be fresh but there was no guarantee given for the Cookie Garden. Value for money: Very nice arrangement and well worth the price because the recipient will be able to keep and use the pot, garden tools, sticks, etc. after the cookies are gone.

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