Monday, 10 November 2008

New Educational eBooks Published

Two recently published and released books are now available for download, in addition to literally hundreds of new ebooks which I will tell you about in later posts.

For now and because they will sit on the front page of my website only for a few more days I will fill you in on the books.

The first is a book written & compiled called Homeschooling from the Heart. It is a book I have compiled after much research, soul-searching, investigation, interviews and of course (as we all know I am very outspoken when it comes to certain forms of public education) drawn from my own experiences. Homeschooling from the Heart offers parents and educators an insight into the joys and pleasures and benefits and advantages of homeschooling their children. There are very few cons - since the family unit is maintained socialisation has never really become an issue contrary to popular belief!! (Tongue in cheek as I write this). Homeschooling from the Heart can be previewed at the link, and as always I welcome input. This is a DEFINITE must for any homeschooling family!

The other book I have compiled - Little Learners Handwriting Practice - is rather extensive (but enormous fun) and covers every aspect of learning to recognise, read and write the alphabet, from standard printing, to italic printing, to letter tracing (an excellent - I cannot stress enough how excellent - method of practicing the alphabet and letter formation) to the more advanced cursive and cursive tracing. Also included in this book are a large quantity of motor skills practice pages, just giving your child that edge. Because the books are down loadable the pages can be printed over and over again until your child is comfortable with moving on to the next stage. Lovely little illustrations assist with word/letter/picture recognition and again, this book can be used over and over again and shared with younger siblings or friends and family. An absolute must and is in fact recommended in elementary public schools here in South Africa. A must-have book for early learners. Plus it's fun :))

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