Monday, 10 November 2008

Thanksgiving : All You Need to Know

A comprehensive beautifully illustrated book on Thanksgiving - Everything You Need to Know & More, including preparations beforehand, preparing your home, deciding on kids' only or adults' only or both kids and adults, formal or informal - should it be a Thanksgiving Dinner or a Thanksgiving Party? This book covers everything you need to consider before making your decision and then in helping you prepare for the most memorable Thanksgiving celebration your guests will have.

Included in the book is a comprehensive Thanksgiving menu - and a full menu for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving meal as well - a few variations of the famous pumpkin pie, sauces, puddings, cookies, and the most awesome crafts that will become keepsakes.

Needing professional advice on how to carve that turkey or chicken? This book gives you step-by-step instructions, with simple but clear illustrations on 2 different methods of carving... Who will ever know it was your first time carving - you'll look like the absolute professional!!! :))

Prior to hosting your event, you will consider seating arrangements, etiquette, guest lists - a lot of preparation and planning goes into hosting the perfect event.

I have included Thanksgiving recipe cards, name place cards, a formal dinner menu, and a printable Thanksgiving card which your guests will appreciate once you have personalised it with their names and yours.

You will also find an invaluable - in fact essential - Printable Budget, a Food & Beverage Planner and a Guest Planner. Along with your delightful and varied menu you cannot but host the most memorable Thanksgiving celebration, be it formal or informal. Your guests will definitely be looking for an invitation to next year's event!! :) Just as an aside Thanksgiving - Everything You Need to Know & More will be a welcome gift to any guest!

Please feel free to preview the book and I would welcome any and all comments.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a Blessed and Warm Thanksgiving Holiday...

Donnette E Davis
St Aiden's Homeschool

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