Monday, 10 November 2008

St Aiden's Homeschool - Updates 10-11-08

Hello Everyone after a very long absence. Things are up and running again on the new server and all links are almost live, considering there are around 1200 additional free printables this has been no easy task :) Thank you all for your patience. I promise you won't be disappointed with the quality and quantity of the activity books and worksheets, information and resources that you now have free access to.

To keep it as brief as possible, these are a few of the sections in which you will find updates. I will send out more news letters later in the week with more uploads - this is purely so that I don't send out a newsletter 5 miles long :)

Alphabet - Picture Dictionary Activity books for the very young to the older learner, as well as Letter/Picture Association eBooks.

Alphabet Early Readers, as well as Alphabet Simple Words. You will note that every single letter of the alphabet has a workbook in each one of these sections. All include handwriting practice, word and picture recognition and association and letter formation.

Comprehension has become big with Savannah and there are no fewer than 50 full comprehension eBooks with activities available in Groups 1 and 2. Group 3 & 4 are for more advanced learners and are not yet uploaded.

Thanksgiving has been an absolute joy. Not celebrating it in South Africa but having it close to my heart it was a joy and a pleasure to write and officially publish a Comprehensive Thanksgiving Manual, with recipes, lists, printables, table settings and the whole bangshoot!! It can be previewed here if anyone is interested.

Alphabet Tracing for each letter of the alphabet has been done (26 books in total) as well as full alphabet books, 6 in total in that set, comprising of standard printing, standard italic, standard print tracing, standard print tracing and cursive print and tracing.

Our African Sections and Thanksgiving Sections have found additional activity books which I know will be very useful. Particularly the recent South African publication I know forms part of the official public education system curriculum. (I found that out belatdly)

I am extremely proud of having published through Lulu, my online publishers, two new books which will benefit the homeschooling family. They are Homeschooling from the Heart and Little Learners Handwriting Practice. Both you will find invaluable and can be previewed at the links provided.

Learning Languages has found a section in our site with simple to understand vocab and phrases for even little ones. Languages include French, Italian, German, Spanish, Serbian, Bosnian and even Icelandic.

Fine Motor Skills has developed enormously with more additional exercises, activity books and manuals. There is a focus on assisting children with learning disabilities in many of my books so I know that they will find a use for many people.

Not to take up any more of your valuable time. Happy downloading!! I would as always appreciate feedback, and I apologise in advance for cramming your mailboxes. You will receive another update in a few days' time... Please forgive me :)

Blessings for a wonderful educational journey for you and your beloved family...

Donnette E Davis
St Aiden's Homeschool
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