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St Aiden's Homeschool - Free Teacher Resources & Downloads 24-01-2009

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2009. First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for their valued and continued support throughout 2008. It was a busy year with a lot of new changes which hopefully we can use to our benefit in 2009.

This year will see a focus on providing more in depth unit studies on international social studies, as well as continuing to add to our already huge library of free teaching/parent/student resources on all subjects. Look out for our specially created PDF ebooks and tutorials aimed at parents, child-minders, health care professionals and educators.

This coming week I am looking forward to uploading more Valentine’s Day Activities, as well as even more literature unit studies.

In February we commemorate inter alia the following:

2nd Groundhog Day

2-7th National School Counselling Week (USA)

4th National Girls & Women in Sports Day

7th Charles Dickens; Birthday

14th Valentine’s Day

Read to Your Child Day

18th Adventures of Huckleberry Fynn Published in 1885 (I will have a PDF of this available with our next newsletter as a reading comprehension literature unit study)

24th Mardi Gras (USA)

26th Tell a Fairy Tale Day

27th National Polar Bear Day

New units added to Valentine’s Day include PDF eBooks for the whole family, Valentine Copywork & Poems. Included in the titles are:

Chocolate Modelling Clay
Create a Valentine's Day Centrepiece
Creative Valentine's Day Activities
Decorating Ideas for Different Occasions
Free Valentine's Day Greetings Cards
Give a Gift of Poetry
Happy Valentine's Day
Healthy Chocolate (Oh yes??) :)
Hobbies & Crafts for Valentine's Day
How to make a string of hearts
Kids' Valentine's Day Gifts
Make Your Own Gift Baskets
School Fundraiser Riche - Valentine's Day
Teach Your Children to Show Themselves that They Care
The Origin & History of Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day - Where did THAT Come From? :)
Valentine Gift Boxes - Tips to Create
Valentine's Day - Moments With Your Children
Valentine's Cards - An Art Project
Wolves, Goats Martyrs and War a History of Valentines Day

Heart Cut-Out Picture Frame
From the Heart Basket Weaving Pattern


We have created lower and upper case heart-themed alphabet flash cards, as well as a set of number flash/sight cards from 1-20. The files are in PDF format.

Looking further afield for a comprehensive Valentine's Day Portal, covering the origins, history and traditions of Valentines Day, crafts & activities, the meaning of Valentine's Day, gift ideas for men, women and children, you will find everything you need to know at
this link.

To celebrate Reading and Fairy Tales in February, we have a large number of free printable Early Readers and Comprehension Literature Unit Studies and invite you to download as many units as you may require.

Thank you for sunscribing to and reading this newsletter.

As always any suggestions, comments and criticisms are invited and welcome.
I can be contacted at

I wish you and your child/ren well on your Educational Journey


Donnette E Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

To understand children, you must continuously study child development.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children With Their Reading ==========================================================

1. Read books that contain print in the pictures.

2. Reread your child's favorite books.

3. Talk with your child as you read a book.

4. Read rhymes to your child and emphasize rhyming words.

5. Separate the sounds in a word, for example: D O G and then ask your child to put the sounds together to form a word.

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